Wayang Bali 1973 / Present

Who knows when time began, When earth, wind and fire trembled, and quaked into being? 

Wayang Bali, the Balinese Shadow Play, is one of the most exciting undiscovered events of world theater. Until recently language barriers have kept its drama and humor hidden from the world at large. Larry Reed and his gamelan musicians make it possible for Western audiences to enjoy this classical form of storytelling.

Wayang Bali has been awarded the UNIMA-USA Citation for Excellence, puppetry's highest award.

Plots for the shadow play are drawn from the Mahabharata myth cycle. Five brothers are pitted against one hundred jealous cousins in a struggle for power involving gods, demons, magical weapons, and the inevitable beautiful princess.

Balinese theater takes place in two languages simultaneously, the ancient language and the language of the audience. Larry Reed brings the tradition to English, French, Spanish, German, and Indonesian speaking audiences. Wayang Bali is an affordable touring show for audiences ranging from thirty to three hundred people. It is performed outdoors or indoors, with flame or electric lighting. Appropriate venues include theaters, festivals, universities, schools, and private homes. A short demo tape is available through ShadowLight. 

Quotes from the press:
Watching the action played out by the shadowy imagery builds a new appreciation for puppetry.
- The Oakland Tribune

...a perfect introduction to this ancient form of entertainment.
- QVP Report - West Chester University

The way his warriors and demons dance about suggests animation or robotics rather than pupetry.
- The Oakland Tribune

Performer: Larry Reed
ShadowLight Gamelan: Carla Fabrizio, Lisa Gold, Paul Miller, Sarah Willner

The Wayang Kulit Shadow Play - by Larry Reed
Article in Bali: The Ultimate Guide to the World's Most Spectacular Tropical Island