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ShadowLight Productions strives to demonstrate the widest possible spectrum of Shadow Theatre to audiences of all ages and backgrounds, and our Education Program lies at the heart of our mission.

The program provides first-hand experience in our unique form of projected shadow theatre for schools, community organizations, colleges, teachers and performing artists through workshops, residencies and performances by professional shadow theatre artists.

Purpose of Our Education Program: Over the last three decades, our school program has introduced the art form of Shadow Theatre to numerous students around the SF Bay Area and beyond. Shadow Theatre is traditionally a community-building art form, providing the public with a place to connect with mythology, history, families and neighbors. It is also a collaborative, manual venture, where all involved have their hands on every aspect of the creative process, and has proven to be a powerful all-around teaching tool for young minds. We hope to inspire our students to take part in the long lineage of the Shadow Theatre tradition – this we also consider as part of our mission and legacy.

Watch our education program video and learn more!