Wayang Listik

Wayang Listrik: Electric Shadows of Bali is the third of three ShadowLight Productions (Sidha Karya and Mayadanawa) based on Balinese stories and the result of collaborations with Balinese artists. Each piece investigates different sets of ideas. Wayang Listrik is the fruit of a twenty year friendship between Larry Reed and I Wayan Wija. Wija chose one of the central stories in Hindu mythology as the springboard for his phantasmagorical puppet creations, which he has rarely been able to use in Balinese venues due to their size and virtuosity of manipulation. The story of Tirta Amerta (“the Elixir of Eternal Life”) is a touchstone of Hindu culture, both an evocative creation myth and a story of the gods’ coming of age, as they gain immortality and thereby rise above the world of the demons.

Venue Name: UCLA Center for Performing Arts
City/State: Los Angeles, CA
Date: October 24, 1998

Venue Name: Somar Theater
City/State: San Francisco, CA
Date: September 9-23, 1998

Venue Name: GW’s Lisner Auditorium
City/State: Washington, DC
Date: October 11th, 1998

Venue Name: Roberts Auditorium
City/State: Rhode Island, NY
Date: October 15th, 1998

Directors: Larry Reed, I Wayan Wija
Music and Sound Designer: I Dewa Putu Berata, Miguel Frasconi
Scenic Designer: I Dewa Putu Berata, I Made Moja
Project Manager: Sarah Willner
Technical Director/Designer: Matthew Antaky
Assistant Technical Director: Tim Lee Smith
Choreographer: I Nyoman Catra
Costume Designer: I Dewa Berata, Emiko Susilo, I Nyoman Catra, Margaret Hatcher
Sound Engineer: Gregory Kuhn
Shadowcasters: I Wayan Berata, Larry Reed, I Nyoman Catra, Ramon Abad, Matthew Antaky, I Made Moja, Tim Smith, I Made Sukadana, Emiko Saraswati Susilo
Musicians: I Dewa Putu Berata, Miguel Frasconi, I DewaKetut Alit, I Made Subandi, Sarah Willner
Dramaturg: Paul Walsh