On Wayang: My Life with Shadows

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On Wayang: My Life with Shadows

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On Wayang: My Life with Shadows follows one man's journey into Balinese Shadow Theatre. Larry Reed, one of the few Americans to be trained in wayang kulit, takes us through his exploration of this primordial art to reveal its symbolism and mythology, ultimately leading him to create his own cinema-scale shadow theatre. His innovations have inspired dalangs and artists wolrdwide to investigate new ways of using shadows in their own work.

Wayang provides a place for public dreaming,
linking everyday life with the sacred, the present with the past,
and the individual with the community.
~Larry Reed

Special Features:
Odalan Kahyahgan: Ceremony for the Gods (9:37)
Wayang Bali: I Made Sija - Dalang (36:00)
Kropak: Puppet Box - Slideshow (11:00)

Produced and Directed by Larry Reed and Gina Leibrecht 

On Wayang Running Time: 30 min
Format: NTSC

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