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Mayadanawa documents the first ShadowLight's hallmark giant screen shadow production to be created in Bali. The idea of using shadow masks and multiple light sources was new to the island, and a radical departure from traditional Wayang Kulit. Thirty musicians and twenty dancers and shadowcasters from the village of Pengosekan, Ubud, brought the show to life for the 1996 Walter Spies Festival. Mayadanawa was directed by Larry Reed and I Nyoman Catra with original music composed by I Dewa Berata, performed by an acclaimed gamelan group, Cudamani.

They say these things:
Don't ask me how, there was a mosquito that killed a cow...
and an ant that killed an elephant.
Anything can happen now.

Mayadanawa tells a tale of a powerful demon, Mayadanawa, who demands that the Balinese people worship him only. He creates havoc among the people, who finally appeal to Indra, king of all gods, to chase him away. Each place Mayadanawa tries to hide from Indra becomes a famous spring or river or rock or village.

Mayadanawa is the seventh title in ShadowLight's acclaimed DVD Collection, Explorations of Shadow World. The DVD includes "The Making of Mayadanawa" with interviews with Larry Reed, covering the genesis and the development of the production, and the exclusive back stage footage.

Total Running Time: 27 min
Format: NTSC

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