Kawit Legong: Prince Karna's Dream

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Kawit Legong: Prince Karna's Dream

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Gamelan Sekar Jaya, the San Francisco Bay Area's fifty-member gamelan ensemble, teams up with several of Bali's most brilliant artists and ShadowLight Productions in the dramatic realization of Kawit Legong: Prince Karna's Dream. Directed by Ellen Sebastian Chang, this production is based on the legend surrounding the birth of the famous legong dance of the Island of Bali. Combining shadow theater, live music, and dance, it highlights the multiple dimensio0ns of the Balinese universe, from the visible world of humans to the unseen magic world of the gods and the striking contrasts of real and dream worlds as the prince brings his vision to earth. 

Kawit Legong follows the Balinese philosophy that one can balance good and evil through ritual and the arts
rather than through fighting or violent means.
~Rachel Cooper

Includes "behind-the-screen" interviews and special features.
Edited from live performances. 2003
DVD Produced by ShadowLight Productions
Courtesy of Cal Performances 

Kawit Legong Running Time: 79 min
Format: NTSC

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