Ghosts of the River: Out of the Shadows

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Ghosts of the River: Out of the Shadows

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Ghosts of the River: Out of the Shadows delves into the true stories behind ShadowLight's 2009 shadow play, Ghosts of the River, written by Octavio Solís, directed by Larry Reed, with art directions by Favianna Rodriguez and original music by Dúo Cascada de Flores. The play humanized contentious subjects surrounding immigration and the U.S.-Mexico border by illuminating stories of those who have crossed the Rio Grande throughout time. Going behind the scenes and beyond, the film reveals Solís experience growing up on the border and some cast members' first-hand accounts crossing it. Through the poetic lens of Reed's collaborative, "live animated" shadow medium, Ghosts breaks through stereotypes and breaks down the invisible walls some use to treat migrants as "other." 

As soon as we say 'you're the other,' we start building these imaginary walls and fences. With GHOSTS I want to present the issues and stories in a way that enables everyone to hear the other side.
~Octavio Solís

Documentary Directed by Larry Reed and Leslie Dreyer
(English & Spanish subtitles)
Edited from live performances. 2009
DVD Produced by ShadowLight Productions 

Ghosts of the River: Out of the Shadows running time 34 min
Special Feature includes the full live performance   
Format: NTSC

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