Ambrosia of Immortality


Ambrosia of Immortality

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Ambrosia of Immortality is a Balinese version of Churning the Milky Ocean where gods and demons join forces to create ambrosia and then fight over possession of it. Created with dalang, I Wayan Wija, and fifteen shadowcasters and musicians from Bali and San Francisco. The story was chosen by dalang Wija precisely because it lends itself to the immense scale and intense visuals that ShadowLight has developed and because it is hard to do as a one man show in the traditional style.

Indra, If you are right I want to be wrong.
If you are a God I am an Antigod!

The King of the Gods and the King of the Demons are in a daily battle for control of the heavens. Like day and night both are essential to life, but sometimes things get out of control, and the God of All must intervene. He asks them to move a mountain to churn the ocean to make ambrosia. They do and then the trouble starts.

Composed by Miguel Frasconi and I Dewa Brata, Ambrosia was featured at the 1998 Henson International Puppet Festival and toured for eight weeks throughout the US.

Extras on the DVD include the Making of Ambrosia with interviews with the director shadow casters and musicians, covering the development of the story, back stage magic, and a slide show of the puppets and masks.

Total Running Time: 60 min
Format: NTSC

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