Explorations of the Shadow World is a DVD series of modern and traditional shadow theater from around the world. Each film contains a shadow play, behind the screen interviews, back stage magic and special features.  

The complete collection chronicles the creation of a unique visual and theatrical vocabulary. Each DVD has high entertainment and educational value, immersing the viewer in a world of shadows, which engages the mind in that place where dreams are made.

ShadowLight Production DVD Box Set
DVD Collection: Explorations of the Shadow World (11 disc set)

The DVD Collection Includes:

In Xanadu, Mayadanawa, Coyote's Journey: The Elder's Cut, Shadow Master, The Wild Party, 7 Visions, Ambrosia of Immortality, Monkey King at Spider Cave, On Wayang: My Life with Shadows, Kawit Legong: Prince Karna's Dream, and Ghosts of the River


Ghosts of the River: Out of the Shadows

Goes behind the scenes and beyond the 2009 shadow play written by Octavio Solís, which illuminated stories of those who've crossed the Rio Grande throughout time. The doc. breaks through stereotypes and breaks down the invisible walls some use to treat migrants as "other."


OnWayang copy.jpg

On Wayang: My Life with Shadows

Follows Larry Reed's journey into Balinese Shadow Theatre, revealing its symbolism and mythology as well as his innovations to the form, which have inspired dalangs and artists wolrdwide.


Kawit Legong: Prince Karna's Dream

 Based on the legend surrounding the birth of the famous legong dance of Bali. Gamelan Sekar Jaya, ShadowLight and several of Bali's most brilliant artists team up to highlight multiple dimensions of the Balinese universe.


Monkey King at Spider Cave

Inspired by an episode from Journey to the West. An adventure of a Buddhist High Priest and his animal disciples unfolds in their quest to bring the Buddhist scriptures to China. 


Seven Visions

A love story and a vision quest featuring a skeleton, a young monk, a native girl and a priest; set in an early California mission.


In Xanadu

An epic love story about Kubilai Khan and his wife Chabui in 11th Century China. When she dies he attempts to bring her back from the Underworld.


Shadow Master

Documentary film which portrays a Balinese family of performers, and the training of a young shadow master.


The Wild Party

A behind-the-scene look at ShadowLight's version of the jazz age poem with an original score by Bruce Forman. 


Ambrosia of Immortality

A Balinese version of Churning the Milky Ocean where gods and demons join forces to create ambrosia and then fight over possession of it.


Coyote's Journey: The Elder's Cut

A creation story from the Karuk tribe of Northern California. In often hilarious ways, Coyote gets into and out of trouble as he takes a journey which marks the territory of the tribe.



Based on a mythological story of the Balinese people's struggle and triumph against the demonic being, Mayadanawa.