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Spark Workshop

Spark Workshop

ShadowLight offers hands-on training in shadow theater techniques for school teachers, theater groups and artists. The one day to one week workshops are led by ShadowLight Productions' master artists.

Workshops culminate in a performance in which participants showcase the puppets, masks and backdrops they create during the workshop.


“I learned skills I didn’t have before.  I learned about a form of theatre I have never seen before in this city.  I was taught by a master in this specific style of theatre…priceless.”

        -- Robin Bancroft-Wilson, Project Stage Manager (Vancouver    
            Moving Theatre Co.)


Artistic Director, Larry Reed

Artistic Director, Larry Reed

Workshops are designed specifically for college students and integrated into current coursework.  Students will learn about modern projected shadow theatre and create shadow puppets with the award-winning Theatre Director/Shadow Master, Larry Reed. A brief history of Larry’s shadow theatre aesthetics will be discussed prior to the hands-on training were students will create their own unique puppets and scenes to perform in shadows.    


“Larry Reed brought his experience as an artist to the room.  This was the first exposure for most of the students to shadow theatre and very quickly he brought the students up to speed on the principles of working with shadows.  At his direction we moved quickly from theory to action, developing masks and beginning to work on performance within the first hour of the workshop. Students were given a number of specific tools that they are currently applying to work for their final project -- a shadow theatre adaptation of Epic of Gilgamesh. They have used everything from mask technique, to different approaches to lighting their scenes.”

   -- Catherine Ming T'ien Duffly, Assistant Professor
              Department of Theatre, Reed College

“I appreciate your approach to your work, the combination of serious rigor and humor that is both in your process and in the work itself. The students who worked with you, as well as the audience, came away excited and inspired . . .” 

-- Janie Geiser, California Institute of the Arts

Inquiries and for more information please contact:

Angela Han
Education & Outreach Director

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tel: 415 648 4461